In the end of 2018 I decided to travel more.

In 2017 I was in Thailand for 6 weeks and I had opportunities to make photos on 3 weddings. That was my first dream in photography which came true. In the next year I took some pre- wedding pictures in Budapest about a very lovely couple called Maya and Dor. They found me on an international website, Fearless Photographers and they gave me an amazing experience. Since than I’m really into meeting new people, gain more friends and of course travelling. I decided to visit Maya and Dor in Tel-Aviv, Israel in December, 2018 and I wanted to take more pictures about other couples in this beautiful city. So I had only 4 days in Tel-Aviv BUT I made 2 couple portrait sessions which you could see below. Israel was so beautiful and the photo sessions was extremely wonderful. My second dream came true. One month later I travelled back to Israel - to Eilat - and I made my first family session there. So here we go :)

In 2019 I’d like to travel much more to make more pictures about couples and families.

Eilat | Israel 2019

Tel-Aviv | Israel 2018

Tel-Aviv | Israel 2018



Upcoming travelings

Frankfurt & Cologne | Germany | 11-14 Febr '19

Stavanger | Norway | 22-25 March '19 | 3 free dates for couple sessions with wallaadam

Frankfurt | Germany | 12-16 July '19 2 free dates for couple sessions